Typical Characteristics of Polypropylene

Abrasion Excellent Durability and Very Good Wear Resistance - High Coefficient of Friction
Chemical Resistance to Cleaning Agents, Including Bleach, Strong Acids and Alkalis, Common Solvents
Chemically Inert No Known Allergic Reaction When Contacted with Skin
Color Fastness Excellent - Dope Pigmented, Highly Resistant to Dyeing
Creep Resistance Superior
Easy Care Wash/Dry Easily, Resists Wrinkling, Soft,  Comfortable, Excellent Stain Resistance
Heat Sensitivity Do Not Iron Fabrics at More Than 100C.
Insect Resistant Can Be Chewed, but Not Digested by Insects and Related Pests
Insulation Lowest Thermal Conductivity Rating of All Fibers - Keeps Cold Out, Heat In
Lightfastness Excellent in High UV Products
Lowest Moisture Regain Hydrophobic, Quick Vapor Transfer, Excellent Wicking, No Fiber Swelling
Mold, Mildew, Bacteria Will Not Support in Normal Conditions  
Odor Does Not Absorb Odors Due to Low Moisture Absorption
Recycle Easy - Highest Calorific Values of Any Yarn
Sensitive To Chlorinated Solvents at High Temperatures, Aromatic Compounds
Specific Gravity Lowest of All Fibers, Floats, Superior Bulk/Coverage, Light Weight
Stain Resistance Doesn’t React with Most of the Staining Agents, Except Oil Stains
Tenacity Up to 7 GPD